Flatbush Moustache.

When I was living in Flatbush I became acquainted with a struggling artist, J. I don’t recall much of the first night we met; numbers were exchanged and by the morning I had forgotten the drunken kissing. A little down the line we were again in a bar doing much the same and the idea […]

Midnight Sun.

L and I travelled to Tromso to run at midnight. Our preparation had become increasingly warm and sunny, a year later and I still have tan lines. Though excited, we were completely and utterly exhausted by the previous 6 months of 35 mile weeks but we felt ready. Ready to get the race done and […]


He was a little guy. His arm had gone black. I didn’t see his face. He was one of the people I looked after and hoped wouldn’t die but did anyway. I’m not going to say ‘service user’ for a while. This is personal, attached, human. A little man died face down in his room […]

B train fight club.

I listen to my ipod too loudly. I got on to the wrong subway car. I saw a big group of kids being noisy as I entered so I walked to the opposite end and sat down away from them. About twenty late teenagers in all, throwing things, shouting, being teenagery. Then four or five […]

Janeane Garofalo.

Standing on the corner of Houston and Essex at midnight on a Tuesday, waiting for a drunken Erin and ADHD boyfriend to arrive. I watch in disbelief as Janeane Garofalo trudges along in the snow toward me. My mouth hung open; I watch her pass and wait at the lights. I do three double takes. […]

Love on the R train.

I was on the subway going home today when a pretty teenage girl sat down next to me. Then a boy sat down in the seat adjacent her and for a time they had their knees interlocked and pushed their foreheads together frowning at one another. He got up at Union. Backing toward the door […]

Kweller at The Town Hall.

I forget it’s always daylight in Times Square even when it’s night. I went solo, expecting a phone call that never came. Feeling a bit sick from the customer service at Bubba Gump’s. I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever been there but just like that Denny’s in Denver, all plastered smiles and […]

Flash Gordon.

I am walking to the subway with my friend Siema. We, as usual are talking about boys and other vulgar topics, when I see the feet of a man walking toward me. He continues directly in my path. I glance upward to see which way he will move or maneuver around me on the sidewalk, […]

Dirty thief.

Today during lunch it began to snow. At that exact moment I noticed a very attractive and lonesome umbrella hung on a chair adjacent to my table. I drew Elizabeth’s attention to said umbrella. She looked at me with suspicion and disdain assuming I had a plan to make it mine. She was right. (She […]

Valentines day with John Coltrane.

We are huddled on cushioned church pews. A woman in the row in front rocks forward and back while the pianist’s shoulders jerk playing faster than seems possible. The saxophonist watches the trumpeter full of joy and appreciation, tasting his reed, nodding, grinning. The bass player swings his bass around like he is dancing with […]