Dirty thief.

Today during lunch it began to snow. At that exact moment I noticed a very attractive and lonesome umbrella hung on a chair adjacent to my table.

I drew Elizabeth’s attention to said umbrella. She looked at me with suspicion and disdain assuming I had a plan to make it mine. She was right. (She often is) We, on Liz’s insistence, decided to wait and see if the owner would return.

Looking out the window we could see the woman who had left it putting up her hood, muttering to herself and walking away in the snow – entirely umbrella-less.

I decided to leave it another few minutes before making my move…

Meanwhile, a woman pushing a pram arrived at the table. She proceeded to make her way to the chair with the brolly. She leaned in to put some things on the table and pressed herself against the coveted item, she then slowly and deviously draped her winter coat over the chair on which it was hanging. I squeaked in outrage.

“And that’s how it’s done,” said Liz.

Things like this just shouldn’t happen in whole foods.

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