Hair bully.

Following a slightly fraught dinner on Baker street, my lovely women folk and I were travelling home when I spotted someone opposite us with exceptionally tall hair.

I turned to Lisa and whispered, “That woman’s hair is very tall.” Lisa concurred. I continued, “I quite admire it, I don’t think my hair would be capable of that.” Lisa suggested that we could try when we got home.

Becoming more intrigued I observed that actually the woman’s hair was very similar to that of Jedward, but Lisa heard Keith Chegwin and repeated it slightly too loudly. Disaster was imminent.

“Never mind, forget about it, it’s not important,” I say, flailing my arms about. Erin then mishears Lisa and asks us loudly if we are listening to Jedward and pray tell, why. At which point the penny drops for Lisa and she shouts Jedward, Jedward in relief of final recognition.

The woman opposite leaves the train at the next stop to escape us. We all feel awful.

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