Each time I visit Continental Europe it’s a little jarring. I see my father everywhere in broad, squat, bronzed men. Sometimes I see him in Columbo or Terminator too but that’s another story. Andrzej Jedrychowski passed away in August 2008. He’s not my biological father but raised me from the age of four, so it […]

Woman alone in Malta.

Off I went on Easy Jet with the masses, their squalling children thundering up and down the aisle either in glee or terror. Difficult to say which from where I was seated. Man of Plan B fame nicknamed the airline Sleazy Jet which is not really as all encompassing a joke as I would hope […]


Globophobia is the fear of balloons. I do not know the underlying cause of my phobia but I know I fucking hate balloons. The thought of them bursting, the sound when you run your fingers over them, their smell, passing out trying to blow them up, the horrid difficulty that is tying them. GET. AWAY. […]

Amen to that.

Hayseed Dixie in a field in Oxfordshire; less beards and more tie dye than I might have anticipated. With a banjo and a fiddle the yeehawing begins. It’s impossible to be unhappy listening. They open with a cover of ‘Dirty Deeds’ which is improved by the hillbilly twangs, unselfconscious harmonies and wry humour. We’re informed […]

Tennent Creek Sweet Sixteen.

I know how I feel about the violence and destruction but I’ve not quite worked out how I feel about individuals involved in the rioting in London. People whose bodies have grown before their minds can catch up. Teenagers. It’s a silly word. It gives legitimacy to action when maybe actually they’re still children. Looking […]


Yesterday, a picture went around Twitter of a woman who works for Curry’s in Brixton posing with her new looted possessions, from Curry’s no less. It got me thinking about the time I was approached in Hootenany’s and asked if I’d like to buy some weed. I asked if the man if he worked at […]

Sharehouse Blues.

Weary and a bit delirious, I’d lost my marriage and my Dad in New York City so I bundled myself up and headed back to London. An old friend, Matt, whose marriage had also failed had a room going in his house, I shipped all the treasures that didn’t fit in my suitcases there and […]