An outing.

This morning, after I horrified you with stories of dead cats, I dragged my Sunday blues along to The Troubadour Cafe for a lecture on Jack Kerouac. Elbowed into the lodge room with skis, eggs benedict and a very mixed group of Beat fans, I was reminded of the time I went mad and thought […]


I want to tell you a story about a cat. There’s probably some subtext to be read into it but fundamentally it’s about a cat. My cat, Regie. I don’t remember when he was acquired but my earliest memories involve him. He was a Burmese short hair who’d been neutered as a very tiny kitten […]

Wednesday – Laura Marling.

Today I was woken by the postman. I trundled about the house in my dressing gown and pondered putting on the heating. On a whim, I bought a ticket to see Laura Marling sing in Westminster Hall. I worked on a report and booked an appointment and ran in the park. My day was quiet […]

Memories of New York City.

Running around like mad on what felt like a film set having lost all the things I thought were important. My marriage obliterated, my father dead. Drunk or stoned or both. Dating numerous men whose names I’ve all forgotten. Battling thick, humid summers with a constant sheen. Getting tattoos in a frenzy. In the wintertime […]