For a while during my mid twenties I thought I wanted to be a stand up comedian. Hilarious, I know. My reasoning was that my physical appearance couldn’t become a hinderance in the same way that it had been when I was attempting to be an ‘actress’. If you sit in the grey area between […]

In the Pool.

I grew up in a place called Duranbah, whose claim to notoriety is ‘Tropical Fruit World’ (Formerly: ‘Avocado Land’). I am not making this up. Avocado Land, as it was known to me then was a theme park. The theme being Avocados. I would pass it on my journey to Duranbah Public, a one room […]


I’m studying gender at the moment. Forgive me for what is to come. Look away if you can’t stomach an opinion piece. Lots of my writing is about dating or music, traveling to new places or my studies but the undercurrent is that I’m looking for something. I’m not sure whether it’s love exactly. I […]

G Love.

To balance out the despairing previous post, I’d like to tell a story about an eccentric gentleman I dated who I continue to adore, G. He could easily be mistaken for Ed Byrne and Whatamess’ love child. He is lovely and a shambles. I launched myself at him outside a pub in Stoke Newington at […]


I’m having a difficult time with men. I’m a bit grumpy about it. It seems to me that I’ve had a higher than average number of encounters with what could only be considered bad men. I’m talking about men who don’t understand the subtle nuances of consent. This post is unlikely to be very funny. […]

Understanding a.

Earlier this year I fell in love with a man. The man’s name is a. I’ve mentioned him, albeit briefly, in previous posts. I was not meant to fall in love with him. I was meant to feel casually toward him. I fell in love by mistake. We spent a rather wonderful four months together […]