2011: A year in review.

January – Heartbreak City, shrugged off contact from my biological stalker father, bad dates began, drank heavily. February – Trips to Amsterdam and Rennes. March – Panicked about immigration status and fell in love like an idiot. April – Received Indefinite Leave to Remain and went on Mexico disaster trip. May – Started my blog, […]

If at first you don’t succeed.

I am at a loss. OkCupid seemed to be where some nice men where hiding. Bearded men, with jobs, who liked Arrested Development and Aimee Mann. I met R outside The Blue Lion in Holborn. He was fifteen minutes late and as I’d been early I waited outside. I discovered the pub was closed for […]

From Russia with concern.

Ice and ice and ice. Frozen lakes, fields and farm houses. I watched these as our flight, which was moments from touching down, lurched sharply back into the air without explanation. Moscow playing tricks on us. After circling at Domodedovo a while longer the runway was cleared and we were able to land. My travel […]