2011: A year in review.

January – Heartbreak City, shrugged off contact from my biological stalker father, bad dates began, drank heavily.

February – Trips to Amsterdam and Rennes.

March – Panicked about immigration status and fell in love like an idiot.

April – Received Indefinite Leave to Remain and went on Mexico disaster trip.

May – Started my blog, was gloriously, sickeningly happy.

June – Heartbreak City, joined Twitter, bad dates continued.

July – Spider bite, ex-boyfriend reappeared, drank heavily.

August – Quit my job, filed for divorce, racist work melodrama, Wilderness festival, trip to Malta, trip to Edinburgh.

September – Trip to New York, started College, more bad dates.

October – Bought a flat. Really fucking bad dates.

November – Huge depression, birthday, Another ex-boyfriend reappeared.

December – Trip to Moscow, Mother Lawler moved to UK with dog, I moved into my own flat. Final bad date of 2011. Tried not to go mad. Drank heavily.

Cue Fleetwood Mac’s, ‘Don’t Stop.’

Here’s to 2012.

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