I’m referring to the strip club. Years ago, I was living with a boyfriend on Finchley Road. Back then I considered myself very sex-positive, in fact I still do, but back then I hadn’t done much reading. I thought I was being broad minded in offering to attend said strip club with said boyfriend as […]

My first university interview.

It went something like this. I left my house at ten to seven to discover that all trains to Brentford were delayed or cancelled. At 8am, the first train headed in the right direction arrived. I scuttled on with numb toes, having stood on the platform for 50 minutes. One stop later, it was announced […]

Mount Warning.

From afar, to me, Mount Warning was always a sleeping giant. His brow the climb, his nose the peak. Each year a school trip was taken to climb him. I was never much for endurance sports or heights and wasn’t ever thrilled at the prospect. One year, I was taken by another family as my […]