Don’t walk.

I’ve run on and off since I finished high-school in a vain attempt to manage my weight. I never liked it much. I remember going through a period of waking up before dawn and running by Hampstead Heath when I was living on Finchley Road and around Tompkins Square Park when I was living in […]

Magnum Ego.

When I was a teenager in Sydney, it was really difficult to get into pubs. I had several tactics in order to jump the hurdle that was getting carded and the night in question I had been putting on an English accent and saying I’d lost my passport to get past the bouncers. At 3am, […]

Mitcham Memory.

Twice a week I drive through Mitcham on the way home from college. I stare at the street as we drive past, where I stood on the phone to my mother crying. Crying isn’t right. Wailing. Huge great gulps and sobs. I nearly sat down in the street. Whilst crying, I worried that a neighbour […]

No Mexico.

I have a habit of forming co-dependent relationships. It’s a pattern for me. I collect these people who need looking after. I make myself indispensable and then slowly I become frustrated at the confinement of the relationship and feel desperate to escape. I once went to Cancun with a friend who I had this dynamic […]