Less excruciating mishaps.


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m in the midst of a relatively dramatic life change and I’ve forgotten how to write about things. When I remember I feel a bit nervous about it.

This nursing degree is both generally and also specifically nerve wracking. I want to write about it SO BAD but I have to think about who will read this and what it will say about my professionalism. Every time I start to write something I remember I should be reading nursing journals and revising human biology and then I experience a desperate urge to eat cake, watch Archer and hide in my boyfriends armpit.

The degree is tough.

It’s good that it’s tough, though.

Nursing is tough so it makes sense that it would be.

I have made enough friends to form a study group, to talk about sex in the cafeteria and hopefully to survive BUT it is tough. I am crying at inconsequential things more frequently than I am comfortable with. I am tired more frequently than I am comfortable with. Some days, I am a student nurse more than I am comfortable with.

I have now been taught how to effectively wash my hands, give basic life support, brush people’s teeth, take observations, move people in hoists and create care plans.

They have given me a uniform.

My first placement begins in 10 days.

I won’t be able to write about anything specifically because it would breach confidentiality policies but I’d like to share with you what I can. There will be less talk of travel and bad dates. Sorry about that. When I was single, or recalling old memories, there seemed less consequence to telling whoever wanted to listen each excruciating mishap. Things have changed. There have been less excruciating mishaps.

I’m as ready for this as I’ll ever be.

Wish me luck.

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