My Mexican uti.

I know I already wrote about the horror that was my holiday to cancun but I forgot a bit. Right now, I’m drinking cranberry juice out of a litre carton in a black bag, on a bus. I am trying to stave off a uti and no one anywhere sells reasonable sized containers of the […]

Thoughts on pomegranates.

Pomegranates are a bit sexy really. Gavin brought some home for a salad. After several minutes of being sprayed with juice like some kind of fruit booby trap that has stained the walls of our kitchen, I put the teaspoon down. Pomegranates need fingers. You have to pare them apart. Splay them. It’s a bit […]

I am Marge Simpson’s disapproving groan.

A funny thing happened while I was nursing. Not funny haha. More funny like Marge Simpson groaning in disapproval. I went to take a set of observations on a patient I’d been caring for, he’e been in hospital for 4 months. He’s missed winter. Safe to say he’s pretty sick. Earlier that day, a patient […]