My Mexican uti.

I know I already wrote about the horror that was my holiday to cancun but I forgot a bit.

Right now, I’m drinking cranberry juice out of a litre carton in a black bag, on a bus. I am trying to stave off a uti and no one anywhere sells reasonable sized containers of the stuff, which reminded me.

I was getting a uti in Mexico. On top of everything else. Maybe it was just dehydration. Who knows?

We were staying in an all inclusive resort with wristbands whose colours indicated how posh your inclusive deal was.

I had a budget wristband. All drinks were included *except* cranberry juice which had been reserved for the luxury wristband wearers.

Cranberry juice is very obviously a luxury beverage.

It took me half an hour and twenty dollars to bribe the male waitstaff for a carton of the juice.

There was a certain amount of begging involved. Like so many things, I can’t really believe that happened.

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