Michelin London 2016 [food]

I love food.

Maybe love isn’t strong enough a word but I just checked on Yahoo answers (https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090225111344AAvrmVl) and apparently there isn’t a stronger word for love than love so let’s just stick with that. I love food.

I’m not a snob about food. Twinkies, fast food, street food, vegan, upmarket, experimental, I’m interested. Let me try some of that.

The thing I really get into though is going to a fancy restaurant. The whole experience is like a sort of magic for me and now that I’m finally earning money again I want to start taking my love for food a bit more seriously.

The Michelin 2016 guide has just been announced and as you’d expect they all sound amazing, however, I’m a bit intimidated by restaurants that have them, like they might turn me away. I’ve been to a few that have one star unknowingly in the past, St.John and Sketch. People have raved about both and I enjoyed them but they weren’t necessarily the best meals I’ve had in the last year in London.

Once food gets to a certain level I’m worried that I don’t understand it. I’m a still a bit like a child with food. I put ketchup on lots of food at home. Don’t @ me.

Anyway I’ve put together a quick list of restaurants with Michelin stars in London I’d like to try (boyfriend please take note), that are maybe not too hoity-toity with the hope that they’re still sort of accessible for a person with the palate of a child.

Arbutus, Frith Street. *

Barrafina, Adelaide Street. *

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Knightsbridge. **

Portland, Great Portland Street. *

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, Royal Hospital Road. ***

Restaurant Story, Tooley Street. *

Social Eating House, Poland Street. *

If you’ve eaten at any of the above or you’d like to, let me know.

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