Plus size and Pregnant

bump1On Monday I’ll be 15 weeks pregnant. You have to count it in weeks because the constant terror that something might go wrong means you need weekly milestones.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my constant terror. Saving that for another blog post. I’m here to talk about clothes. I love clothes. I’ve not bought any in nearly 4 months now which if you know me at all you’ll know that I am clearly  very ill.

Plus size pregnancy options are, well, limited. I guess they think that pregnant people just want to wear nighties all the time, which we DO, OBVIOUSLY but also we have to go outside to our jobs. So where can we shop? WHERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN WE SHOP?

Asos and  New look  have maternity ranges that go to a 20, which I can just about squeak into depending on the cut, this is infuriating as they have the cutest and most fashion forward of the maternity ranges I’ve seen. Dorothy Perkins go to a 22 but they’re just a bit blah. I don’t know, Dottie P ain’t done it for me in years.

If you need larger than a 20 then  Yours Clothing do a maternity range up to a size 36 which gives me some hope, they have a decent range of leggings plus a few nice dresses. and they do maternity starter packs which seem like a good idea. Surprisingly, George at Asda is actually alright and goes to a 24 in most styles, they do some nice swimsuits. BonPrix go to a 26 and is where I expect I’ll be getting my winter coat this year.

Marks have a limited and disappointing range of maternity wear up to a 20 BUT they are the only place to buy big pants and these which I love and are my ‘go to’ pants, pregnant or not, (I know, phowar.) and they run up to a 28. Far more promising than any over bump pregnancy pants I’ve found which either stop at an L or an 18. Looking at you, George at Asda and New Look respectively. Really, who wants under bump pants? I cannot fathom it.

From the last two months of obsessive googling, this is all I’ve found. I know, it’s a bit depressing. If anyone reading this knows of some other places that aren’t tiny boutiques which only sell 4 shirts, HMU.


Emily x

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