An induction. 

I don’t know what the deal is with my blood pressure. I’d had it taken periodically at the GP before I got pregnant and no one had ever said there was a problem.   Then I got pregnant and it seemed like maybe there had been a problem and that combined with my bmi meant […]

Plus size and Pregnant

On Monday I’ll be 15 weeks pregnant. You have to count it in weeks because the constant terror that something might go wrong means you need weekly milestones. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my constant terror. Saving that for another blog post. I’m here to talk about clothes. I love clothes. I’ve not […]

Our Las Vegas Wedding. 

The night before our wedding, the  flight to Las Vegas was delayed due to storms. We sat on the runway for three hours in Los Angeles while my soon to be brother in law shifted uncomfortably in the tiny plane. He’d only ever flown twice before. We checked into our hotel after midnight, giddy with […]

In Graphic Detail. 

I’ve been steadily gaining weight since my boyfriend and I moved in together. Whenever I’ve managed to diet, I’ve put it back on, and then some. In the final year of my nursing degree I comfort ate to survive it and gained another dress size. In the first three months of my first job as […]

Florida part 2

Gavin and I had had two fairly significant arguments during the last year about marriage, with I for and he against or indifferent, I couldn’t tell. He had been planning to propose throughout both those fairly significant arguments. Good poker face, that boy. Everywhere we went on my 32nd birthday Gavin was trying to find […]

Florida part 1

We arrived in Miami on a humid Saturday afternoon. There were no functioning cash points at the airport and neither of us had remembered to get dollars before we flew, cue much meandering of the airport and wringing of hands whilst trying to decide how we would get to South Beach with no money. The […]

The birthday wishlist or how to spoil a girl

  From top left: ASOS Curve Faux Fur Jacket, Clarks Kendra Dime Mary Janes in Cognac, Black Heart Creatives Moon Witch Silhouette Necklace, Chanel CC Cream, River Island Pompom leather gloves, Lavish Alice Cape Dress from Simply Be, Newlook Silver Metallic Brogues, Valfre Lipstick Phone Case, Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Sweatshirt, Etsy More […]